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    i'm using the same set that i used on the 600.

    on the 650 they work differently.

    no matter where i put the switch voice or music, music is played. if i leave it on voice, i can make/answer phone calls. if I leave it on music, the person cant hear me.

    also, alarms/phone ringing doesnt play through the headphone, they play on the treo as if the headphone arent attached.

    anyone else?
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    I use it in my truck with my cassette adapter and it seems to work fine, in that I can listen to mp3's and when a call comes in I can answer and use the 2-in-1 mic to talk into and listen through my stereo. It does work different than it did on my 600. Like you said, I can hear music no matter which way the switch is. It's hit or miss if the phone works in music mode.

    One really positive thing is that since I started using the 2-in-1 in my truck, I have not had a single "Say a Command" from VoiceDial. Unless, I push the button on the 2-in-1 first. It works great with Audible and Ptunes.

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