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    I replaced the battery on my 600. But the phone only stays charged for 1 day. Do I assume that there is something else wrong with the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosesk
    I replaced the battery on my 600. But the phone only stays charged for 1 day. Do I assume that there is something else wrong with the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prmetime

    You do not have a mutant battery. The early hardware (hardware Rev c) had a battery with soldered on connections. The later versions had the connector. I am in the same boat as my Treo 600 is hardware Rev C. I was planning on desoldering the wires and resoldering them to the new battery. Does that look possible from your point of view?

    If not and you find a source for the wires you are talking about (plugs on both ends) let me know.

    I just did that - I resoldered the battery and it works perfectly.

    This is what I did:
    I got the PDAParts - battery - and I then opened my T600 for the first time
    and realized that I also have a REV C board with soldered connectors. Ouch ? No.

    I removed the glue and desoldered the cable from the old batteries side -
    and removed the old battery
    then opened the black tape at the new battery from PDAparts and there I
    removed + desoldered the white plastic connector from the new batteries charging electronic -
    ( yeah the 1 month battery warranty is gone - I dont care ) then i resoldered 4 little flexible wires to the connectors on the charging electronic - closed the black tape of the battery and
    mounted it with a double sided tape to the motherboard.

    the 4 little flexible wires then were soldered to the grey connector cable that still was there from the previous battery - then I mounted the housing again, charged the T600 for 3 hours and pumped my backup in and everything runs fine now.

    Not a big problem at all - from opening to closing the T600 - all was done in around 20 mins - so if you are able to and once successfully replaced a battery at your watch and lets say you are able to solder medium to fine thin wires you should be right.

    Regards Markus

    PS: thanks for the "old-credit-card hint" - worked perfectly for opening the housing
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    Has anyone figured out if there is a place to buy the actual Battery Connector to be used with Rev C hardware?? If not, does anyone around here have a Treo 600 they want to sell for parts?
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    How can I tell whether my Treo 600 is Rev C hardware? I need a battery to suit whatever it is I've got. Altho the internal battery is dead, I can still do things on the charger.

    (Later) Found it. It's Hardware B. I suppose that should be no problem in installing a new battery -- one without attached circuitry. Unless, of course, this replacement phone has had its battery soldered to the wiring.
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    I have detailed files.
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    Hi Galahad,
    So how did you figure out the Rev B or C..???
    Where is it written??
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