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    Hi all,

    I finally seem to be figuring out how to use my new 650, thanks in part to TreoCentral. But, I still have a few issues - and could use some advice.

    1 - Palm's site clearly states that VersaMail syncs with Outlook, but all it actually seems to do is to check if I've downloaded my e-mail to my host comp, then it deletes any corresponding downloaded mail from VersaMail. What's up with this? Is there any way to actually sync previously downloaded e-mail with VersaMail?

    I downloaded a demo of Beyond Contacts - which is a great program - but I really don't feel that I should have to pay an extra $30 for a feature that should have been standard. Also, I specifically remember that both my old Visor, m500, and even Ipaq could all sync with Outlook's inbox. What's up with the 650?

    2 - These random resets are killing me. Any idea why this is going on, and how it can be fixed? This is practically a $500 device - such a huge problem is unacceptable. How could anyone at Palm have missed this?

    Besides these two semi-big complaints, I couldn't be happier with the 650. I haven't used a Palm for a while, but I do remember how great the Visor and m500 were. I had switched to the Ipaq for its media abilities, but once I heard that the Treo can do mp3's, I was sold.

    By the way, TreoCentral Rocks! Any help is appreciated.
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    I knew there was something else -

    3 - Has anyone tried out NesEm with their 650? I've read great stuff about it, but it pretty much succeeded in only crashing my phone. I had to remove and replace the battery to get the phone back up again. Any advice is appreciated.

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    NesEM works awesome. However, I actually prefer using Little John Player. Plays everything from NES games to SNES to Genesis games and it's free. However, it's a bit unstable on some titles and a bit unstable overall, but it emulates great.
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    this reset situation is recockulous...has anyone figured this out.
    I have had the 650 since the second week of January and have been doing a hard reset every other week to get versamail to work. Totally lame, this device is to expensive to spend so much time just to make it work.
    Love the unit while it works. Sprint has made me feel like a contributing test pilot. If I have to figure out the bugs and the solution shouldn't I get paid???
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    I'm in the same boat, I've had mine since Nov and it basically works, but every few days or week I run into some kind of issue which leads to a hard reset (white screen, versamail corrupted db, etc.). On top of that I get anywhere from 1-5 soft resets every day. I'm sitting here wondering at what point do I assume this is a defective unit and go trade it in or is this just the way it is?

    I feel like it's a beta product. The other day a partner at my firm asked me if he should get a 650 or a Blackberry, I couldn't recommend the 650, I didn't want him coming back to me in 2 months when his 650 resets every 2 hours.

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