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    I heard on other forums people saying that they can't get 16 grayscale pictures on the VDX but you guys were wrong because the new version of Fireviewer has arrived. Yes version 3.7 is now available at palmgear:

    The big news are that you could use your Hardware keys as tools and you don't need to exit one picture to se another, just press the hardware buttoms and get what you want..!

    Also you could see pictures on the dark using the backlight..!

    Isn't it the best VDX software ever?

    Have fun


    Stowaway is the Visor way to go..!
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    Those who argued the 16 grayscale are flat wrong. Also, previous versions of the Firepad Viewer also supported 16 grayscale. Having said that, I agree with your comments about the latest version.

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    The Visor's hardware supports 16 grays, but its operating system only supports 2-bit grayscale. However, an app can by-pass the OS (writing directly to the hardware) to get 16 grays. So it is great that Fireviewer can do 16 grays; but this does nothing for apps like AvantGo that rely on the OS for graphics - they are still stuck on 4 grays. This is the basis for the conflicting info on the Visor's graphics abilities.
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    Yes. Thanks for the clarification.


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