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    I seem to find DA never finds what I'm looking for. Example Electronic boutique and other items. Sometimes it just times out and can't connect.
    If i do a search it Santa Monica it may not find the item I'm looking for I will have to search under los angeles instead. Sometimes this is reversed where LA will not have any hits but Santa Monica will. Is a better program or way to use DA to its full potential?
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    I have 3.02 and it is working without a problem.
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    Recently installed 3.10b3 and it works great!
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    What are the differences between 3.02 and 3.10b3? Anything major?
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    Yeah lots!
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    If you follow the link above, it gives you revision history for the 3.1 branch. I did not notice a big difference between 3.02 and 3.10b3
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    I've actually compared DA (the latest) with the 411 feature in Express. Each time the 411 feature came up with more results that matched what I was looking for. In one case DA didn't find a match when Express did. It is a great app, but since I already owned Express it didn't make sense to keep both.
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    Except your paying Monthly/Annually to use 411 in Express. They are basically the same app.
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    Hmm, so conflicting reports on DA...I was thinking of using DA since there were a few times where Express' 411 didn't return any results. But, I guess it's still worth trying...has anyone had their Treo become unstable after installing DA? (just want to make sure I keep my Treo stable )

    On a separate note, I miss the 411 application that was written for my old BlackBerry 7100t - that app was great.
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    yes, paying for express. I think it's a killer app for me. I really like the hi rez maps
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    Now if there were some way to have it connect to TOM TOM you would be set
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    Here's a link to direct download:
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    Actually, I'm *very* surprised TomTom doesn't have an external interface that allows other apps to say "Go to this address". It seems like a no-brainer, and a great way to get lock-in.
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    I'm getting a "Query Error" on DA. Its seems to look up an address but when I go back later in the day, I get the error. Any ideas?

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