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    I need some help to decide a new laucher. I've had my Visor Deluxe for 48 hours and i'm already sick of the Palm Laucher. I was going to get Launch'em but it seems that it is only a demo. I might buy it but i don't know if its the best one. Mega laucher and silver screen looks good. So does Laucher 3. Which laucher should i get??
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    Personally, I like Silver best, but check out Handscape Pro b/f making a decision.

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    silver screen is my pick. even to pay for it is worth it! the grayscale looks so good on the visor, along with the tool bar at the bottom which is extremely helpful. after that i would go for handscape or launcherIII both are pretty similar.
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    I prefer LauncherIII. Silverscreen is much more polished, but not really more userfriendly.

    LauncherIII is free, simple, and makes getting at apps quite easy.

    I REALLY wish Palm would update their OS to INCLUDE a well designed and implemented launcher. The standard interface is pretty clumsy.
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    LaunchEm gets my vote!
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    I love Launcher III... I have tried them all and it is the best. Anogther clincher is that it is absolutely FREE.
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    I'm a happy Silverscreen user.

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    Launcher III, it's free and I'm dutch... say no more
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    beware the dryptosaur.
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    Launcher III .. does what its suppose to and its free..

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    Originally posted by matty:

    Did you get Home to work on your visor? I tried loading it up and it didn't work. Which 'screen' are you using? The Mac one?
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    I installed laucher 3 and i its nice. Lauche 3 starts up when i start up my visor. But when i click on the Home button, it takes me back to Palms laucher. How do i change it so that laucher 3 comes up when i tap the gome button?
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    Open Launcher III, hit the menu button, select Options/Preferences, and choose "Always use Launcher III."


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    Did you get Home to work on your visor?
    According to the web site, you need Palm OS 3.
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    I like the Launcher 1.5.2 better than Handscape pro or the Go Bar.

    Downside is that after changing batteries, I have to re-do the tabs. Sure is a pain....
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    Tried Launcher III, Launchem and Handscape and Handscape is definitely the best. Its worth every penny!!!
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    Originally posted by yardie:
    Tried Launcher III, Launchem and Handscape and Handscape is definitely the best. Its worth every penny!!!
    Yardie, can you say what you like better about it? I've been an avid Launcher III user since getting my IVX, though I've tried others from time to time. What is it that makes Handscape better and worth paying for since Launcher does so much for free?

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    I believe Handscape is free. It does appear to be a great application in that is allows you to add a lot of 3rd party extensions to do some very impressive things like show your to do list on the desktop.

    The ONE drawback that is keeping me from using it is that it uses the standard OS interface by which you need to use the pull-down menu to change categories...the one reason NOT to use the standard OS interface.
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