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    Hello everyone, I am a computer book author currently in the midst of writing a new Treo book that focuses primarily on the Treo 650. I've written numerous books in the past on other technologies such as Java, XML, game programming, Pocket PCs, and BlackBerry devices, and I've never in the past solicited public input for book ideas. But I thought it might be helpful to find out what you guys thought a really good Treo book should cover. Or maybe you just want to share what you DON'T want to see in a Treo book. Either way, I'd really appreciate any info anyone is interested to share.

    I see a lot of computer books get ripped for "rehashing the manual," so I'm offering up a chance to prevent another book from turning into a "manual rehash." Seriously, my plan isn't to rehash the manual, but I know there are bound to be some good ideas that I've overlooked. If you'd like to share, I'm all ears. If not, no big deal.

    Thanks to TreoCentral for providing such a great forum for Treo discussion...

    Take care,
    Michael Morrison
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    Are you a Treo user?
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    how about a behind the scenes book, if you can get access to palm1 employees?
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    Just saw your mobile phone game programming book tonight at Books A Million.
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    Joebar, yes I'm a Treo user. I actually have tried and used most of the popular handheld devices over the years, dating back to some of the early programmable HP calculators! There's a give and take with all of the modern smart phone handhelds, but I really do like using the 650. Right now I have a 650, a BlackBerry 7100t, and a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC is probably the most flexible for me, at least from a development perspective, the BlackBerry has the tight form factor and strong enterprise support, and the Treo probably represents the most elegant mix of features. So, like I said, there are pluses and minuses with all of them - it all comes down to what's most important to each individual user. I try not to get too religious about any one device or platform.

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