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    i just upgraded from the treo 600 gsm to treo 650 gsm.
    Has anybody an idea on how to get the sms messages stored on my treo 600 to my new treo 650?

    Thanks, Sharky
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    Yeah, this would be great to know. I haven't found any info on this to date. I have a feeling it won't work...
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    From what I know and searching from these threads, it is not possible. The 650 SMS I believe has a different structure.
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    Yeah...that's what I gather...completely different messaging app. I believe it supports MMS as well?? (Picturemail?). I guess this won't be a big deal for me, as some of my chat threads were getting huge, and loaded slowly. I didn't feel like going in and deleted every message I didn't need anymore, and there was no "purge messages older than xx date" function that i saw to trim the chat list down. I still might run through some of them to see if there was any important info worth transfering (i.e., transfering old school with pen and paper!).

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