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    Hi, I'm new to the forum and just bought my 650, everything seems intuitive but the default repeat rate for the 5-way is painfully slow (I'm a convert from pocket pc where this is easily increased). Is there a way to make it faster? This would help me a ton, thanks,
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    I don't think there is any software to do so.
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    It's not meant for this but it does the trick. KeyCaps 650:
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    Yes, the program works wonderfully! I really appreciate your help,
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    This app here does exactly what you want. It manages to speed up the 5-way in a manner which keycaps doesn't (don't ask me how; I simply tested both and discovered this).

    Recommended settings
    Initial delay: 25ms
    Auto-repeat rrate: 1ms

    Only problem is it doesn't auto-enable after a reset so you have to manually set it each time after a reset. Perhaps someone could come up with a similar app that does?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elysian9
    It's not meant for this but it does the trick. KeyCaps 650:
    Keycaps will do this (and more). A better version of Keycaps that does not slow down the Treo etc is at
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