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    I set my boss up with 2 treo 650's. he uses one and has one as a back up. they both have the same software installed on them, but now when he goes to sync it it says "user name already exists." is there an easy to fix this, i know you can go through palm desktop and remove the user and make it again.


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    IIRC, hotsync uses not only the username, but a device-specific ID as well for validation. Therefore, I don't think it's possible to sync 2 devices with the same username to the same PC.
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    You cannot HotSync two Treos of the same user name to the same computer.

    A couple of suggestions:

    If he/she must carry both at once, maybe use BackupBuddyVFS and backup the 'prime' unit to one (or 2) SD cards [keep one card out of the Treo if he is the type to lose devices]. If he/she has a problem, he then takes out the 'spare' Treo and pops in the SD card and restores his data to the backup device.

    If he/she leaves the backup at the office, then hopefully he/she is HotSynching his/her 'prime' Treo regularly. If that is lost/breaks, just get out the spare, do a hard reset to erase all data, then do a HotSync and select his user name. He/she will have a working Treo with his last HotSync configuration.

    Make sense?

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