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    is there a way to remove the calendar/contact files from the handset (from the actual handset)? i know you can remove them from the backup file on the pc.

    The problem is that my boss has thousands of contacts, and if it fails to sync (no room left) it leaves alot of data on the handset (sometimes not even enough to hot sync it!!)

    i noticed that there are alot of programs that can not be installed on sd card, is there programs that can get around that? Is it fast enough to function?

    Any answers / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, a hard reset ought to take care of that problem, but it delete EVERYTHING in your "handset", including all programs. You can then hotsync and get them back.

    Before you hotsync, you may have to create some subfolders in your contacts folder and move off some of those throusands of contacts. I mean, does your boss really need to have all those thousands of contacts handy in his Treo? If he does, he needs to get a Tungsten T5 which has a lot more memory, and use a phone separately.
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