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    Sometimes when I am in a building the "Cingular" wireless indicator turns off. I have searched through the phone menus but do not see where you go to reactivate the connection. Yes, I know I could dial someone and just hangup once a connection is remade but it seems like there should be a selection to activate/deactivate the wireless connection. Help please. Sorry about the newbie question.
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    Are you talking about your voice signal or your data connection? Sometimes you can lose voice signal in buildings, and all you do is walk outside and it comes back on its own. If you are talking about the data connection, relaunching the app you were using (web, email, etc.) will usually reconnect you. You can also go to Pref, Network, and click the connect button.
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    Thanks, I was talking about the voice signal and I am happy to hear you say that it comes back on its own once there is a signal. I don't think that this was the case with my Treo 180 because I would always have to push and hold the power button to fire up the phone again.

    Also I guess I am guilty of not reading the manual well. To turn on/off the Treo pg 15 shows how to press and hold the power/end button ... oops, can't believe I missed that!

    Thanks, again.

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