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    I currently work for a company that has a nice discount with AT&T. Does anyone know, or has any experience with getting the same discount with Cingular?
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    Check here:

    If you business e-mail is recognized as a participant, then you get discounts.
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    Will Cingular honor the AT&T discount too?
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    Westronic, please check your private messages
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    Quote Originally Posted by NVFS
    Will Cingular honor the AT&T discount too?
    Just check in at the site I gave you. if your work e-mail is recognized, you'll get a link in e-mail which will show you exactly what discounts you get for Cingular, and that page will also have a link to go and look at AT&T, though I'd avoid that because of the merger madness and stick with Cingular.
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    I am eligible, but the email points me to AT&T's Premier webpage. No Cingular AT&T does not offer a discount on the Treo. It is listed @ $449. Did you get a better price than that? If you can you PM me?

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    I tried to order through the business division and I was not happy. Mostly because they wanted me to change my phone plan to a Data-centric plan. I basicly would have lost my shared minutes plan and have to pay for high price data plan. (btw phone would have been about 350 bucks.)

    I opted to get an unlocked phone knowing I'll save more in not changing my phone plan.

    oh yeah, this is with att.

    Cingular will probably have a new business account for your company but you may have to wait till they make the account. I know with the usps employee discount the cingular discount sucked. only 20% off rather than 25% at att side. They play it off as saying "w/ Cingular you get more, so we don't discount you as much". I did some calculations and for me to get something similar to my plan with att I would have been paying more.
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    Employee discount plans are pretty much in utter chaos. It's hit and miss right now for what you get.

    My company has even refused to list the instructions for how to get these discounts until around April or so, when things with the merger have finally settled down. I pursued this on my own and found the deals varying some from week to week, if not day to day, until I chanced upon a good day or two and jumped on it.
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    This is what I was getting on the AT&T side. If Cingular gave me any type of price break on the phone, I would be all over it too. I guess I'll have to keep checking back

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