Hello everyone,

This is a fantastic forum and I have learned a lot about the 650 (plus the 600 in the other forum).

I have a question about comparing CDMA (Bell Canada) with GPRS (Bell Canada/Rogers/AT&T Wireless). In short, for Canada, which is better?

Just to qualify things a little, I used to have a Blackberry 6710 GPRS that got absolutely brutal coverage in Eastern Ontario where I live. In Toronto and SW Ontario it was great, but the problem was that the GPRS signal is not all that strong outside of major population centers such as Metro Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal.

Lately I have had a Bell rep and a Rogers rep calling me to upgrade to a Treo for not ony myself but for my business. Both say that they have amazing coverage for Canada but I am not so sure I believe it.

Is CDMA better in terms of coverage across Canada than GPRS? According to Bell their CDMA coverage is just like have a regular cell phone. Is that true?

I am sorry if this has been asked before, I did search, but I am really getting confused here.