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    Hi. Just charged up my unlocked GSM 650 last night. Immediately started to have problems--no software installed, nothing.

    First, I experienced the lockup/shutdown issue I've seen others comment about--where the autokeyguard kicks in, and then locks me out of the unit. I'd press the center button to disable the keyguard, but it did nothing.

    I removed the battery, put it back in again...disabled autokeyguard...and so far it seems to be working. Even connected to the internet easily with T-Mobile. But, the center button didn't work again--this time, with the camera.

    So far, I've ascertained that the center button does work in some circumstances (navigating the menu, twice for the camera), but not in others (most of the time on the camera, didn't respond during the autokeyguard issue). Inconsistent problem. Anyone have any ideas what's going on, or experience this?

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    I experienced the same weird behavior for about 10 minutes today where I couldn't get back into the phone with the center key....seemed to correct itself though....not sure what was up....

    now my O key is stuck!

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