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    I've noticed my treo has been resetting itself at night. I dialed the #*377 code to see what error it came up with and I received this:

    "A crash occurred on
    2/23/05 at 1:36am
    while running

    Fata Exception"

    So what does that mean?? Which applications? Does anyone know a way to better decipher this?
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    Yes ive had this a number of times. Go to the piont where I had to do a hard reset and load stuff from scratch as I couldnt work out which app was the culprit
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxio
    while running "Applications":

    Which applications?
    "Applications" means the default app launcher. In this case, it's a bit misleading since it's probably being caused by some other app that's possibly running a process in the background. What other apps do you have installed?
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    So far I have Avantgo, Ewallet, Docs2Go, all in main memory. I have eReader, Xiino, PocketLingo, and Solitaire on the card.

    By the way, my unit is the unlocked version running on a cingular GSN account.
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    So doing a hard reset, and reloading programs worked?

    Are there any other diagnostic codes other than #*377?

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