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    After exchanging my 650 and sim card several times I finally got one that seems to function properly. The main issues I had were obscenely loud ringer and earphone volume, corrupted Vmail #, random resets.

    I can say with guarded confidence (its only been one day), that my 650 is completely behaving itself. For those of you with issues, keep exchanging it. And make sure they give you a new one. By new, I mean something from a recent shipment. Yesterday, the Cingular associate tried to give me 3 different used/returend 650s, claiming that they were new. One of them had the previous owner's phone numbers in them.
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    Congrats!!! Knock on wood!!! Let us know how it goes as time progresses. Do you have a Gemplus or Axalto SIM (does the SIM number end in G or A?) What firmware version is on your Treo (1.04 or higher?)

    Again, good luck!!!
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    Boy buirus, you really shouldn't have said that... You're really tempting murphy now aren't you!

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