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    I finally got activesync running a couple of weeks ago when my company enabled it, and was working great but I've run into a lot of issues over the past week.

    First the treo just locked up on a white screen while I was in versamail last week. I did a soft reset several times and it came back to the white screen. Finally did a hard reset and it was ok.

    Later that week I starting getting soft resets every 15 minutes when it synced. Figured I had a corrupted db so deleted all the versamail files on Saturday per the palmOne support instructions and started over. Was ok for a few hours then somehow got into an infinite reset loop on Saturday night (I had 7mb free memory). I had to do a hard reset again then it seemed ok.

    I waited about a day then added back my Yahoo account, so I am syncing my company mail w/ activesync every 15 min and Yahoo w/ pop every 30 min. It's been ok this week until yesterday morning I noticed it was not syncing at all. I did a soft reset and it worked again all day. Then this morning the same thing, no syncs. Can sync manually fine. I haven't reset yet today to see if it will work again.

    Any ideas...
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    My idea is that Versamail is the most buggy email client I have ever seen. It should be renamed Versamail Beta 0000.00001. It has so many stability problems that a simple search of this forum will give you tons and tons of posts on all sorts of problems.

    If you rely heavily on email, I would strongly suggest you consider purchasing a commercial email client for the palmOS and give that a shot. I've heard many good things from SnapperMail. I personally use ChatterEmail because of the IMAP idle email "push" experience similar to the Blackberry. Good luck.
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    I agree, I'm only sticking w/ Versamail because it's what works w/ exchange (we don't have IMAP). I was a satisfied snappermail user w/ the 300 and 600.

    Nice links in your signature btw.
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    Versamail is close to unusable due to lack of stability

    Finally got it working after three days with gmail and it worked fine for a few days now it resets on gets or trash mgmt

    If it was tested and stable no issue with it but as is close to garbage

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