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    I purchased a Treo 650 GSM (unlocked) last week and love the phone/pim. However, I've been having a frustrating time getting bluetooth to work properly on it for syncing. At first, I was using the USB cradle to synch the Treo with my PowerBook (which worked very reliably). In contrast, Bluetooth works only once after I start up my Mac and then not again until I restart my Mac. Further, since setting up Bluetooth my USB syncing no longer works reliably. Has anyone been able to get the Mac to sync with a Treo 650 reliably using bluetooth (I'm using Missing Sync)? Thanks in advance.
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    Don't have the answer, but I'm just impressed that you have a cradle for your 650!! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Sorry, I should have said cable rather than cradle.
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    BTW, I deleted the Bluetooth preferences on my Powerbook which allowed me to sync again using both the USB cable and
    Bluetooth. However, once I had synced with Bluetooth once I could not do it again without a restart. Further, once I had synced with Bluetooth I could no longer use the USB cable to sync. This sucks!
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    I believe that the latest Missing Sync users, 4.0.3, including myself have been having issues with trying to sync in general. Seems to work one time sucessfully, then in order to sync again you have to reboot. Hope this offers some enlightenment, or help
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    I've been able to get USB syncing to work reliably (using MS 4.0.3) as long as I don't attempt a Bluetooth sync. Anyone have advice on setting up a reliable bluetooth sync?
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    There's a new MS beta available which fixes the "sync one-then nothing" problem:
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    I've been syncing using Palm's software and iSync without issue over Bluetooth. I added the device in the Hotsync Manager and then in iSync and it works great. Bluetooth syncing is a little slow (to my iBook with USB BT module), but it beats having to carry a cable around...
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    Just got an update from MarkSpace saying that the new version of Missing Sync deals with this issue. I'm downloading it now. Thanks for the assistance, everyone!

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