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    The unlocked GSM Treo 650 and me.

    So, it has been a little over aweek since the 650 has been in my life. There have been a couple of small bumps, but overall very positive.

    This is my third Treo phone model (four if you count the visor phone), so I have a bunch of apps to install.

    I upgraded by installing the latest Palm Desktop, then erasing the backup folder, and then I synced the 650 for the first time. This method synced over my contacts, but not any of the programs installed on the 600. It is the safe way to go, but you will spend time setting it up the way you want it.

    As you will probably realize, I'm not exactly a power user. I don't have 2000 contacts, hell I don't even have 200. I don't mind putting documents on the SD card, but I wanted to avoid putting programs on it. I had over 10,000 kb left on my 600, so I had a feeling I wouldn't have to.

    The following is my experience with the phone and the apps i installed.

    The Phone
    Out of the box, without the battery it felt really light. Even with the battery it felt lighter. I know it is my imagination, but a person who currently has a 600 also mentioned it felt lighter.

    I never had issues with the 600's keyboard, but the 650 looks happier with it always smiling pattern.

    I donít know about you, but I reprogram the hard buttons as much as I can. But, it seems with every new Treo you get fewer options to re-program.

    With the 270, you could actually use shift+button. With the 600 and 650 you can't assign any shift+ combinations.

    The 650 continues this trend. You get fewer options to re-program, even with the addition of two hard buttons.

    I'm not too sure about the new "call" and "end" buttons. Other than launching web (option+call), I don't use the green phone button much.

    The Red "end" button gets only a little more use. I use it to turn the phone On/Off. On the 600 I was in the habit of using the backspace key to hang up. This isn't an option with the 650, so I use the Red button to hang up.

    I have assigned the 2nd button to Agendus/Pocket Tunes Console/Docs 2 Go. The third button is assigned to Snapper Mail/Clock Pop5/Plucker.

    The side key is also assigned to Pocket Tunes, but to launch the main program, not the console.

    I also set up the Home key to launch McPhling.

    More on the software I installed later.

    As for Bluetooth, I paired it with the HBH-660 but havenít used it much, but when I have it works.

    The screen is fantastic, the main reason I upgraded. It doesnít disappoint.

    There are a couple of volume issues: The Treo doesn't always remember the volume settings and it isn't as loud as the 600. I have no static.

    I don't have the dialing slowdown like some users with the CDMA 650.

    The Apps that came with.

    Phone App: Only real change is now when it doesn't find the number in contacts, it takes you to the dial pad. This was the case with the 270. Don't know why they took it out of the 600. Glad it is back.

    Blazer: Looks better, but I'm not much of a web user. If I spend ten minutes a week on the web, that would be a lot. I do have it set up to delete the cache after every use.

    SMS: They took away the next and previous arrows! Why? It is a pain to have to close one message to open another. Bring the arrows back please. The SMS program has reset the Treo a couple of times with a TreoSMS stub error. EEK. It doesn't happen all the time though.

    Media: Wow. The camera just looks better. I get no blue spots. The video camera is fun. FYI, you can save directly to the card if you select the second "Internal" option from the drop down list. Go http:\\\media\train.3gp to see a video I took. As a test, I sent this video with Snapper, and it took about 7 minutes via TMO GPRS and reduced the battery by 5 percent.

    I donít use MMS, Real player or Versa Mail.

    Added Apps.

    Agendus: I have been using Agendus Standard for a long time. I just downloaded the latest and installed it. It has reset the device when checking off some to-dos that were synced over from the 600. If it continues, I might check out the built in apps again. Agendus is assigned to the 2nd button.

    Autosync: a small app that syncs the Treo before I go to work.

    Bob's Alarm: just needed a timer. Works great and the developer is crazy, in that he will come out with several betas in a day.

    Card Export II: turns the Treo into a card reader. So far, it seems that my PCs takes longer to see it when I connect to desktop. Other than that it works great.

    ClockPop5: If I press and hold the third hard button, the current time is displayed. It doesnít interfere with the other programs assigned to that button.

    Docs 2 Go: I paid for premier a long time ago, so I installed it on the 650 when it didnít look like the pics viewer was available with the version that came with the Treo. It wasn't a smooth upgrade. One or two resets. I love the ability to see a lot more of a spreadsheet. This whole article was typed on the Treo using D2G (a lot of it with one hand). I have assigned D2G to option+2nd hard button.

    Kinoma: I use Snapsteam to record TV shows on the PC and than have Kinoma Producer convert them so I can watch them on the Treo. Right now I can only save one 30-minute show on my card (no space for more). I watch the show on the way to work. I must look crazy to my fellow "A" train riders as I giggle at my phone.

    Klondike: Yes, I'm a little anal about solitaire. I always thought Klondike on the 600 showed what all apps should shoot for. There is absolutely no need to use a stylus. I didn't like the solitaire that came with the 650, so I purchase the Electron Hut version. Love it.

    McPhling: This little app lets you put your favorite apps and the recent apps you used at a press of a button. I assigned the Home Key to McPhling. I was a little disappointed that you can only have 14 apps listed like the 600. I was hoping with the better resolution, that more apps could be listed. Guess not.

    Plucker: This is an Avantgo replacement. I moved to this when the Avantgo had issues with the 600 first came out. I read that it has gotten better now with the newer version, but Iím sticking with Plucker.

    PowerUp: A free app that turns on the Treo radio when it resets.

    PTunes: An MP3 player. For what I use it for (only mp3s), I could get by with the included Real player. PTunes is my most used app. Whenever I'm outside, I'm listening to my MP3s. I assigned the PTunes console to the 2nd hard button. The console can be a pain sometimes, but it is just an easy way to get to the controls so I live with it.

    Snap: A free app to take screen shots. Does its job and Does it well.

    Snapper Mail: No, it doesnít do push and yes, it does turn on you screen when it does a fetch (oh the horror). It will do both of these in upcoming releases. I auto fetch email every 45 minutes. If I have to check to see if I have new email, it isn't that hard to do so. Even if I just want to check one account out of the 9 I have set up.

    Splash ID: The latest version has nice little improvements for no stylus use. I keep my software reg numbers and passwords in this program. It helped a bunch when upgrading to the 650. I didn't have to remember all those codes.

    TreoHelper: I have it set up to run an autofetch in Snapper when I get an email from a particular person. When I get an email from this person at work, I get an SMS with the word fetch, Snapper then fetches. I am wondering if this is the cause of my SMS resets.

    Verichat: I donít pay a monthly fee for this I.M. client, so it stays. It looks better on the 650 and it works.

    I didn't install all the programs that I had on the 600, but I plan to add a couple of more.

    I currently have 7500+ kb on the 650, so I have room for more.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with the upgrade. I would like a solution to the SMS resets, but there is no going back for me.

    Did a search. Looks like Agendus may be the cause of the resets. Iambic said that version 9.03 should be any day now. Fingers crossed.

    Oh, btw I dont use a case. Just a Brando and a pocket.
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    If you want to make better use of the hard buttons, check out an app called AardQuick. It lets you assign an unlimited number of apps to each hard button (except the red phone) and allows several alternate methods of scrolling / selecting the apps. I currently have 5 apps each assigned to the calendar and Mail buttons. I chose not to assign any other apps to the phone button because it affects how the button acts within the phone app.

    I downloaded the free trial from either PalmGear of Handango, don't remember which. At $15, it's a little pricey, but that price also entitles you to one of the developer's other apps free.
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    Good job!
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    Good read....thanks.
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    Sounds to me like you are a bit more of a power user than you give yourself credit for! Good review

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