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    dewey134 - Of course, with ChatterEmail, you'd get your mail whenever it arrives, from all accounts, without ever thinking about it...

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    Can Chatter do both IMAP and POP?
    How would Chatter support AOL and Gmail accounts?
    Can Chatter store the emails and attachments on the memory card like Snapper?
    I remember Snapper was horrible when it came to attaching images to emails - is that pretty straightforward with Chatter?

    Using fastmail is not an option for me. Tried it didn't like it.

    Email application is one thing I haven't nailed down yet in terms of what I really am going to use...
    I've gone back and forth between the 'main ones' and am currently a VersaMail user.
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    You can't attach images from within Snapper; however, you can go into your image application and say "Send Image" and Snapper is one of the options -- it works great.
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    I'm so new to forums that I apologize in advance if this message is not in the right place.
    hey everyone,
    Im new to pretty much everything treo and not too sophisticated of a computer guy..with that said, regarding email retrieval, I'm not sure which program is right for what I'm trying to do. I have an account (pop?) another (pop) account and a email account. At this point I get all my pop's? through my entourage program on my cpu at home and I go to yahoo to get my yahoo mail (i.m sure there's a better way..that's another story). Everything gets dumped from the server to my cpu except yahoo. Then I organize the stuff I want to keep in my entourage folders.
    any advice on an organizational front would be appreciated, but ultimately I guess I want advice on which of the three programs (versamail, snapper, chatter) would be best for me.
    Here's what I think I need..I'm also open to any advice on a better way to accomplish what I need.
    --I need to be notified of new emails..not every second..but manually we I want and automatically if possible somewhat frequently.
    --I would maybe? want to selectively download some emails, but I think being able to access them on the server is good enough?
    --I do get xl and word docs. files and image files that I would like to read/forward if I'm away from my cpu on the treo.
    --I'd like to be able to delete junk mail before I dump it all on my cpu.
    --I need to be able to reply/forward/send mail (using my entourage hopefully..not sure if it will load into treo)
    Thanks a ton in advance.
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    Can Chattrmail handle a mix of IMAP and POP3 accounts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    Can Chatter do both IMAP and POP?
    Chatter does IMAP only, no built in POP support. More than a few folks send gmail to an IMAP account to get it in Chatter. There are threads on (and prolly here too) that describe how. With all of the options in Chatter, the mail sent from Chatter via IMAP account can look like it came from gmail to the recipient.

    Personally, I'm pretty happy with Fastmail (although the only place I use it is the Treo, not the web interface).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewey134
    I also am happy with Versamail. I have set up my (3) email accounts in Versamail and do a manual retrieval whenever I feel the need to get mail (push is nice, but not worth paying extra duckets for). I accidently found that holding down the mail button scrolls you thru your various email accounts,,,do a quick get and within 2-3 minutes I have all my new mail....via IMAP. The only thing I miss is the ability to send to many multiple addresses and not sure versamail can do that.
    Versalmail works fine for manual gets on my T650 (attws) as you indicated. However, I need to use autosynch with four pop accounts. Bizarrely, even if I set only one account to autosynch, it works fine for about 12 hours, and then fails with the message "get failed." shortly after this happens, the "send" function begins to behave erratically. Techsupport at P1 and ATTWS are clueless. All they can recommend is a billgates solution - hard reset. That turned out to be like giving an enema to a dead man.

    I tried Snappermail, and the autosynch fails too. haven't tried Chatter yet.

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