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    Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum but I recently received my Treo 650 from Cingular.

    Problem: My Treo 650 turns off almost everyday so far and I am unable to turn it on again using the Phone and On/Off keys. I must do a soft reboot or pull out the battery.

    Are any of you experiencing the same problem? Any quick fix?
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    I think you definitely have a defective unit. Don't waste your time, take it back to the store immediately.
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    Darn, I was hoping I could find a fix. I'm giving Palm a call.
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    I do not beleave it is hardware I think it is just locking up when it is in standby it just started doing it to after having the hone for some time
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    Mine does this as well every so often. I think it's a software issue. I've learned to live with it.
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    Mine will do this overnight. I'll try to turn it on first thing in the morning, and it won't turn on. Something overnight is running, and freezing the unit.
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    Well, mine does this every couple of hours. I'm sending in for a new one. - Online Coupons and Hot Deals
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    Dissapointed, I waited so long for my Palm Treo 650. I'm debating if I should get another phone or just hold out for a Palm 700? - Online Coupons and Hot Deals
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    Replace the phone,
    I had this same issue with a Sprint Treo, it would go to sleep then fall into a coma and not wake up.
    This issue appears to be a bit more widespread than you might think, there have been a number of small threads here on about the issue, but not one that's stayed on the main page long enough to build a concensus.

    I tracked the problem with mine down to a signal strength issue. In areas of strong coverage, the problem rarely occured. But in areas of weak signal it would happen about every 30 minutes.

    Good luck!

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