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    I know the official aim hasnt been released yet, i was wondering whats the best 3rd party AIM app thats out right now, thanks.
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    Do a search on the forums. This has been asked like 72 times. Verichat is the most "liked" application. I'm running it an I really enjoy it.
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    Try VeriChat as kabish suggested. It is an all in one app with AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ. Though a yearly fee is required.
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    Verichat does have a yearly fee. I am to cheap to use that so have the old 1.0 (or whatever it was version ) of aim that is free. Others use chitchat
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    What "official" AIM?
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    AOL says that the 650 ui is not ready yet. Can you still load buddy list and im with older program?

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