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    Quote Originally Posted by kabish
    I am a little confused by your post. You are in Dallas, like me, and I was expecting this really cool site that could help me out. As it turns out, Dallas is not even listed on there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnd23
    In Seattle, the best way to get Traffic is by loading the app at

    It works great on the Treo (600 and 650), I use it daily.
    Ditto. THIS ROCKS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgreen
    This is the most accurate Boston traffic report I've ever read (for those of you who enjoy our ever changing surface routes)
    jsgreen - it appears to be simply a map to me. Are there changes or indicators that appear if (or should I say 'when') there is traffic in our beloved Big Dig?
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    Am I the first to post this in this thread?
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    I've posted this elsewhere on this site, I'll post again. I sat down with my PC and the NC DOT camera site, and got the properties for each camera on my route home. Then I created Blazer bookmarks for the camera images themselves. Here's one near my house: If you click the link, it takes you directly to the current camera image. When the image refreshes, and you refresh Blazer, you see the most recent image. And the image takes up just about the whole Blazer screen. Fast, efficient, and most of

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    I don't know why anyone would pay for something that is already free... (With a bottle of water sitting on my desk . I only buy it when I see someone with bad hygiene using the free water.)

    Here in Atlanta where we already have a PDA-web version of the traffic information
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    most of midwest (Ohio) is "under construction".

    I hope they add us soon.
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  9. #29 still the best for LA inexpensive and you can get customized routes and even sms messages sent when there are accidents during your commute!
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