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    Hi, just got a Treo 650 and am trying to set everything up. One of my email accounts is with I have no trouble receiving mail, but cannot send mail with versamail. I expect it is because I am using sprint to access the account and bellsouth won't let sprint send directly through bellsouth. Thus, if I am right, I have to tell versamail (or some other more capable program?) to receive mail thru bellsouth but send it thru sprint. The trouble is that my user name and password are not the same for the two accounts. What do I need to do to be able to send and receive??

    Thank you for any help!


    Steve O.
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    Okay, I answered my own questions after spending some time with customer service. Called Bellsouth and the folks in India that were doing the customer service tried hard to help but failed to grasp that Bellsouth would not let me send from a Sprint phone. It turned out that Sprint had a different view of the password than I did and once that got straightened out, all I had to do was to enter the outgoing server as the proper one for Sprint under "advanced" options on the mail setup in Versamail and enter the correct setup so that I can send over sprint and receive from Bellsouth. I guess it is good for me to learn these basics as if I change to Snappermail or some other program, the setup will be similar, I imagine.



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