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    Does anyone else have trouble opening a jpeg or pdf from Xpress mail? It never works for me for some reason.
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    there's no native pdf reader for palm i think
    you need to 'convert' it on desktop first

    as idea
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    Thanks for the quick reply wolwol. There is an Adobe reader on the CD that comes with the Treo. It worked fine on my Tungsten T3 but it does not seem to work on my Treo.
    I was able to open a bmp attachment so maybe it just doesn't do jpegs for some strange reason.
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    A pdf will not work unless synced through your desktop.

    for jpg make sure you have a viwer IN RAM (not card) and that your mail program is set for that as your viewer. this works fine with snappermail and splashphoto.
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    appreciate some troubleshooting help

    this has happened twice, with removal of program from treo between and resetting treo 600

    1) downloaded palm os pdf reader from acrobat to desktop
    synched with treo 600

    tried to open an email with attachment

    got 2 error messages:

    1) failed to receive beamed document
    2) error; database corrupted code oxo20c

    appreciate any help

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    so far the best solution i know to read a pdf while out and about is to download it and email it either to for a return email in txt

    or for a zip file with the html in it....

    for a large file this url will show it in your browser on the treo too

    the conversion with a PC doesn't work for me since when i want to view a pdf with my handheld i am not by a pc!
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    The Treo cannot read PDF files natively. You can email yourself a PDF all day long, but unless you take it to your PC, load it using the PC app for Adobe Reader for Palm, and sync it, you wont be able to read it. You will notice that a file synced properly does not end in pdf., it actually ends in filename.pdf.pdb, which is a valid Palm file.

    You will also need a jpeg file viewer to view those. I think one came bundled with the upgraded version of DocsToGo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberdude
    Does anyone else have trouble opening a jpeg or pdf from Xpress mail? It never works for me for some reason.
    To reply about the .jpeg part of your question. I do not believe that XpressMail opens them. However VersaMail does.
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    jpegwatch lite from Handwatch is a good free JPEG viewer, integrates nicely with Snappermail...

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