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    I just spent 10hrs trying to get a piece of junk called Blue Drive by Parrot to work and got absolutely nowhere.

    I am going to return this hands free friggin Blueparrot or whatever it's called for a full refund and I never, ever want to see it again as long as I live. If I carried pigeons in my car and released them when I want to send a message - or call someone, they'd deliver my message faster than if I tried to dial with this piece of junk.

    When started my oddessey this morning, it was resetting the Treo when I tried to record a voice tag. The suggestion I received from PalmOne was to backup and hard reset and test it. Even before I did that, I was deleting my aps in groups and than soft rebooting and none of the aps were coming up as causing the reset. So, I reluctantly backed up, renamed the Backups folder -Old backups and hard -reset and than I made 2 favorites, Home and Office and it actually worked, I was able to record a voice tag and about 2/3 of times it actually dialed. (I discovered that any auto extra digits (like the voice mail password are NOT dialed if you initiate the call by voice, but are dialed if you click the favorites button. This worked with 3 phone numbers.

    Than I synced with iCal and Address book only, I'm using Missing Sync, (4.04) not Palm Desktop, but it synced fine and I was able to bring up the Record voice tags dialog. I noticed that my favourites, GPRS settings and email settings were not there, they were still on the old backups folder, so I installed them, only the favourites, Versamail, network and blazer settings, nothing else. As soon as I synced, the reboot problem was back.

    So, again I renamed the 1st backups folder old old backup, the 2nd one old backups and after a sync of ical and address book only, it was working again. Now I entered the new GPRS settings and my email settings, nothing transferred from the old backups and it was still working, After I entered a few more Favourites into the Favourites pages, and NONE of my aps were installed, the reboot problem was back.

    It is clear than the built-in software and not the 3rd party aps are getting corrupt causing the reboot after a few favourites/and/or voice tags are entered.

    It is absolutely pathetic that this comedy of errors is allowed to go out to a customer and it should not be up to the customer to sort out who's fault it is. In the mix, we have PalmOS, Treo hardware and Parrot hardware/software. When I called the 212-337-0056 earlier today, the guy there admitted that they have not tested it with the unlocked GPS Treo 650, - they don't have one. This is incredible to me, how can this combination end up in the stores untested?

    I hope that PalmOne is going to come up with the same or similar car kit cradle for the Treo 650 as they have for the 600. I have it in my car and it works great. This bluetooth voice recognition fiasco will make me think twice about getting rid of my Treo 600 and the car kit that works 100%, no training required.

    Even if the damn thing worked as advertised, it's too complicated, there's nothing easier than clicking on a button on the screen to dial a number in the car. I wish that the peripherals were the same for both treos, ie. the connector on the 650 was the same as on the 600, so I would simply keep my Treo 600 car kit.
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    I never could get the voice tags to work on my Treo 650, everytime I tried it did a reset on the Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkie
    I never could get the voice tags to work on my Treo 650, everytime I tried it did a reset on the Treo.
    As I posted elsewhere (though it's probably worth repeating since this is a nasty bug, just in case someone else finds this thread and thinks it's still a problem):

    I had this problem too, as did a friend of mine who pointed me to treocentral. The problem appears to be related to having checked the "Dial Extra Digits Automatically" option on one of your speed dial numbers in the Phone app.

    Indeed, I had one such number, and as soon as I unchecked that, the Treo stopped rebooting and I was able to program in several voice dial numbers on the DriveBlue. I love that the unit is portable so I can take it with me when I travel, but like others here I wish that it was louder.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomm
    Even if the damn thing worked as advertised, it's too complicated, there's nothing easier than clicking on a button on the screen to dial a number in the car.
    While I'll agree that using and programming the DriveBlue from the Treo is perhaps not as easy as it could be, I disgree about there being nothing easier than clicking a button on the screen to dial a number in the car. When I'm driving, and my Treo is just hanging out in my pocket or in the center console, the hands-down (or hands-free?) easiest way to dial for me is to tap the green button on the DriveBlue and just speak the name of the person or place I want to call. To me this is WAY easier than having to pick up the Treo, turn it on, unlock it, navigate to the person I want to dial, and all this while trying to drive.

    The biggest issue with voice dialing on the DriveBlue is that it only works for numbers you've pre-programmed into it. However, about the second or third time I find myself dialing someone in the car, I usually stop and add them to the voice dial list.

    I also wish the caller ID volume was settable separately. I usually have the DriveBlue turned all the way up since it's not very loud, but when it plays back my voice tag during an incoming call it is usually too loud. Oh well.

    BTW, a friend bought the similar unit (the 3000?) and hard-wired it into his new Mini. The integration is truly incredible. It works with the phone buttons in his steering wheel, the audio plays through his speakers, and the stereo stops when he makes a call. Very slick, and something that unfortunately is just not possible with a portable unit like the DriveBlue.

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