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    Anyone has this problem before? I have successfully setup ActiveSync with the Exchange 2003 server. However, I found that I can't download all the e-mail from the server. When the click the "sync" buttom on the screen, all the connection go well. In the initial screeen, it always show the correct no. of mail on the server (say 70). However, when the actual sync go on, only four or five e-mail are downloaded and then the sync operation stop and return to the normal screen. No error generated. All the mail in the server is from the same day. When I click the sync button again, may be a couple mails are download again or no more mail come in.Also these mails are not come is sequence. If I have downladed two mails one is 15:00 another is 15:30. There will have mail between 15:00 and 15:30 did not got download.

    I have already try:

    Soft reset
    Delete and create the account again
    Setup a new account in the Exchange server and Treo using a new e-mail account.

    All did not work, the only left is hard reset. Anyone can help? Thanks.
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    I just try hard reset. It still did not work!

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