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    Due to a lost shipment I recieved two Cing/Blue Treo 650s. Recommendations on What to do with the other? I was thinking of a raffle @ $10 a ticket for local Charity or Ebay for the same.
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    ...Obviously it wasn't lost....return the extra one.....
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    mods, please lock and kill this thread....the less dishonest talk the better.
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    I agree with mikec...
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    Please check your credit card statement, before getting too excited.
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    Yeah that would be funny if you got charged for three.
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    I'd return that 2nd Treo. They will charge your card before you know it.
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    I would call and add it on a shared plan as a spare beleave I wish I had a spare as much as this phone is not working right lol
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    I might receive two unlocked 650 too..but I won't feel happy, keep and sell the other one...I've been waiting for my 650 since early this month.....I just want to receive any one of the 650 I can begin to play on it...of course...if I really receive least I can check if my first one is a lemon or not....then I can try the second one and send back the first one to them.....since I'm in Canada...I'll be mad if the 650 is a lemon and have to wait for another 1-2 weeks to get the replacement.
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    What an incredible *****. First, he is intending on stealing a 650, then he's stupid enough to brag about it.

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    yea what a jerk he wants auction the other one for charity....cmon guys grow up alittle bit
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    Lost shipments are never lost for long. Now days that doesn't happen all that often. If you did indeed receive a "lost shipment" then I would suggest returning.

    What comes around goes around.
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    Dude, this is the wrong board to post things like that, You see what happens...
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    Send it BACK.
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    MAN! guys are harsh!

    He is offering to give the proceeds from the sale to charity!!!

    Yes, maybe the right thing to do would be to send it back, but at least he isn't trying to sell it for his own gains!

    GEESH!, something about glass houses and stones comes to mind, here!

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    Donate to Shadowmite might not be a bad idea.
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    I 2nd the donation to SM
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoufSidah09
    Dude, this is the wrong board to post things like that, You see what happens...

    You are is the wrong board for cheats and thieves.
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    try a little honesty.....
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