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    My friend just got his XV6600 and we were bluetoothing back and forth and whatever. I tried to send over some MP3's which didn't work. So we took my 512mb SanDisk and put it in his device with all my apps/photos/data etc. he says there's nothing on the card! so I was like ok give it back to me. then the treo is prompting to format the "unrecognized" card and won't see any data. I am still out so I don't know if my card reader at home might read it. any help?
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    tough nuts
    that's what you get for putting your card in a verizon device
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    I'd blame it more on a Microsoft PocketPC Device rather than on the carrier.
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    I suppose, but the only reason the other guy has the XV6600 is probably because Verizon doesn't have the 650 yet!
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    Thatís what you get for sticking things where they don't belong with out using any protection.....
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    i had the opposite problem- i had my windows ppc card stuck into a treo and it formatted it... for safety- format your cards with FAT, not FAT16/32- that's what a ppc will default to but it will also read fat cards- the treo can only do fat.
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