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    I've been on the phone with 4 people from Cingular trying to explain what an Axalto card is. They are clueless and recommended that I try to find one at one of the stores. Well I tried two stores already and they didn't have them. So much for service these days!
    In the first week of owning my 650, my Treo was resetting very frequently and I thought it was due to the software I installed. I hadn't used a Palm since 2001 and was going to return the darn thing and wait for a decent PocketPC phone to come out. I read the posts about issues with the Gemplus SIM (which I had) and went into a local store.

    dari10, are you going into an actual Cingular corporate store and not a reseller? The first Cingular store I went into knew what I was talking about and swapped my SIM no problem. I said I had spoken with phone support about my reset problems and they told me to get my SIM swapped because it was a known issue. I figure it's less hassle to say that than try to explain the problem and say I saw it on the net...

    My phone doesn't reset anymore and the stability is like night and day since I got the new SIM.
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    Yes, I went into one corporate store, which is how I found out about the problem. He didn't have any Axalto SIMs. He called another store and they didn't even know what he was talking about. I just spent an hour on the phone with Cingular and they said they do not use the Axalto SIMs anymore. I talked to about 5 different people and at the end of the call the best they could tell me was not to upgrade my software! Unbelievably bad customer service. I'm just praying my phone doesn't start freaking out again in a week.
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