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    Iv'e switched from Gemplus now for over 24hrs and have had no resets or VM corruption as of yet. So far so good. Located at Coporate store in Sarasota, Florida
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    I got a $10 pre-paid Cingular SIM today, just to give it a try (I am with T-Mobile, but I wanted to see how Cingular worked on my Treo 600, coverage and otherwise).

    Anyway, they gave me an Axalto 64K card, and when I asked if they have other brands too, the guys said the Axalto is all they have. This is at the Cingular store in Boulder, CO.

    BTW, I am finding that Cingular coverage where I live is not as good as T-Mobile. Also, there is a strange problem: a while after the initial GPRS connection, if you try to connect to a site, it will fail and give a DNS setup error (at least in SnapperMail). It then goes and re-establishes the GRPS connection.
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    Switched from Gemstone to Axalto and now my Treo 650 is definitely worth what I paid for. Had many issues, including voicemail, soft resets, etc. Even had trouble w/3-way calling / conference connections. After 2 days and close to 70 calls (Got used to the ATT charter GSM unlimited plan, now gone...) I feel very good about having switched from the Nokia 3650/T3 combo that helped me run my business. The only other application I run: Agendus Pro 9.02

    I noticed this morning a new version, 9.03 claims to fix some 650 SMS issues so I just installed it. Here's what their website says:

    "Treo 650: addressed possible failure situation when receiving SMS with native Messaging application while Agendus is running. Buffer overrun issue of native Messaging application has been worked around to avoid this behaviour. "

    Best regards,
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    I'd been wondering how I escaped all of these voicemail number corruption problems I keep reading about. I had no idea there were different versions of the 64K SIM card. Just pulled mine out and looked at it after reading this thread. The number ends in "A" so I'm assuming I got lucky and got the Axalto SIM. Anyway, so far so good, though I still get the occasional random reset, even when the phone is hard reset and configured as it was out of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    This has been discussed thoroughly in this forum. If you are having issues with your Treo, you should start by making sure it works "out of the box". Do a hard reset and use the phone like that. Does it reset? Well, then you either have a bad SIM or a bad phone, in either case you need to get your carrier to exchange one or the other.

    If your phone works fine without any resets, then you can start by hotsyncing your PIM data - calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. Don't load any software yet. [...]
    BRILLIANT! I'd like to nominate this post as worthy of its own thread. Many people here (not all) who are whingeing about their Treos should instead be whingeing about their 3rd-party apps.

    A little story: my previous phone was a Nokia 3650 - Symbian Series 60 based smartphone, similar to Palm in that there are a lot of powerful 3rd-party apps.

    It sucked. Would just lose the phone app with no visible indication on the screen - network strength indicator still worked, other apps worked, but you couldn't complete or receive calls. Power cycling would fix it, once you realized it had gone wonky. This would happen several times a week. and I took to power-cycling it anytime I was expecting a call. Pissed me off to no end, because I remembered how stable Symbian used to be in the Psion days and couldn't believe they'd fallen so far.

    I lived with it that way for a while, then happened to run across a comment about how buggy a certain 3rd-party file-browser app (like filez) was. I had it (plus a few media files) on my SD card, tried pulling the SD card just for grins and guess what: NO MORE PROBLEMS.

    After removing that one app (which I hadn't used in weeks anyway) THE PHONE WAS ABSOLUTELY STABLE. Obviously either the app or the media files (or the SD card itself) was the issue for me.

    PalmOne is in between a rock and a hard place. It would be nice to keep the apps sandboxed so that one bad app can't mess up other apps, cause soft resets, etc. On the other hand, sandboxing would mean apps couldn't affect phone operations, which would kill off a lot of the power and flexibility of the platform.

    There are undoubtedly hardware issues, firmware issues, and SIM card issues with the Treo. Shadowmite's proven the firmware problems, and I'm one of the many folks here with a GEMPLUS SIM that can't keep the voicemail number straight.

    HOWEVER, it is VERY likely that a lot of these "frequent reset" issues are due to 3rd-party apps and glitches in synced data/prefs. Zboater's suggestion above will be very hard for folks who want to just load all their contacts, events, and dozens of apps and go. However, if you run into problems you should definitely spend a little time ruling out bad apps or bad data before assuming it's definitely the phone itself.

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    well my sim swap to an Alxalto chip did nothing......still have the soft resets when sending and receiving sms........
    Cingular 680
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    I just came back from the Cingular store in Pasadena California. I had to explain the whole thing about "A" and "G" 64K sim cards.

    The rep did not believe it was Sim related so I show him the printed thread on TC to convince him.. After 45 min of waiting and another 30 min talking & convincing to him he finally tried his own sim card which is a 64K "A" card and what do you know, no more freezing and VM works perfectly.

    So he gave me a new sim card (64K "A" ) at no charge. Now my T650 works great, I'm so happy.

    I wanted to thank all the people that help me and responded to this thread.

    BTW: They have 1 more Unit in Stock as of 8:00 pm 2/24/2005
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    I would like to point out (again) that with a Gemxxx sim card (I have seen names all over the place.. Gemstar, Gemplus?) my phone is fine. The VM number remains the same, no problems with Versamail etc etc.

    The phone resets maybe once a day, but that's OK, given all the applications I have loaded.. Nothing like problems mentioned in this thread ..

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    Update on my experience with Axalto SIMS, I was having no problems for both my 650"s for about 4 days, yesterday my wife's phone which also had the oeiginal problems had even mpore problems, the screen went blank and locked, to startup again after a call came in, then it reset itself, called Cingular, said phone needs to be replaced, so I put her SIM in my 650 so she could use it till we got the exchange, and the screen locked once on that phone as well, but that was only once and did not happen again, now we dont know whether it is SIM or phone, so I am getting both changed today, will keep you posted. Basically, since there are problems wiht both SIM and phone, it can get confusing. Did anyone alse have problems after changing SIMS
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    I exchanged my Gemplus 64K sim for Axalto at local Cingular store yesterday. It continued to lock up after resets. Today the unit is in the mail back to PalmOne. P1 customer service refused to permit an exchange at the local store since I bought it online.
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    I exchanged my Gemplus 64K sim for Axalto at local Cingular store yesterday. It continued to lock up after resets. Today the unit is in the mail back to PalmOne. P1 customer service refused to permit an exchange at the local store since I bought it online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alee
    150 Fulton St has them. Ask for the SIM card that ends with an A (and show them yours ends with a G). I was out in 2 minutes flat.

    Will this fix the fact that my Treo 650 does not recognize my SIM as well?

    Thanks in Advance
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    Just an update on my end... my 650 has been rock solid for the three days since my SIM swap. I'm elated. Obviously I still have to be careful with 3rd party apps, the SIM isn't the fix-all.
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    Can someone summarize the problems that are happening?
    I just heard about this today and i had my phone for about two weeks and i have not had any issues and i have a Gemplus 64k SIM Card.

    Should i exchange it anyways?
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    it only affects about a third of the cingular-branded treo 650's. if you're not experiencing any abnormal behavior on your device, then i wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    I don't understand all the fuss. I bought my phone through the PalmOne PDA upgrade (I had an M515) without new activation. I took the Sim card from my two year old Motorola T720 and have had no problems since. Worked the first time. I just checked the back of the SIM card and its a 32K card whose number ends in GT and is labled with the Cingular brand. So How come I have something different?
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    I've got my old ATT SIM and I am having the phone reset peridically with incoming calls. Anyone having this problem with ATT SIM's?
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    The is no issue with the 32k SIM's.
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    I have the "A" SIM and I have never had any VM issues, but my phone resets a couple of times per day. Usually when I turn the radio on, best I can recall.

    BTW, I'm posting from my T650 on the mobile version of the forums. Very nice!
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    I just swapped out for the Axalto Sim. Voicemail corruption is fixed. Woohoo!

    However, my Treo is still resetting. I think it's Causerie Beta* that's causing it. I just uninstalled Causerie. It's working perfectly so far (30 mins). We will see.

    *Release version of Causerie causes even more resets on T650 due to database incompatibility issues.
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