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    I've been using chatter quite a bit and have a suggestion for the UI. When reading an email, there are small OK, Next, Prev, Reply, Reply-all, and delete buttons at the bottom of the screen. The OK button is marginal but the rest are way too small and closely spaced to be hit without a stylus -- at least with my fat fingers. Could you use that whole bottom line to either make the buttons bigger or spread them out? Specifically, I'd prefer that the OK and X (delete) buttons be biggest because I tend to use them the most, but I could see other people with different preferences.

    Just a suggestion,

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    Hi, Greg. The problem is that the righthand side at the bottom is often used (by attachment/load more info or the red "alert" flag). I agree with you, though.

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    How about moving the red alerts, etc. up to the top next to the battery and signal strength?

    When viewing an e-mail, there's plenty of room up top. You can keep it at the bottom when viewing the mailbox (list of e-mails).

    This would probably make better use of the screen real estate.
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    I don't mind the way it is setup. But please don't make things bigger! And if ou do leave an option for those of us who like it tiny. I'm all for not having the buttons there at all, I do most things via the keyboard anyhow.

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    Is there anyway to get a "forward" button at the bottom of the screen, too? Maybe remove "Reply All." Of course, that probably just started a whole flaming session.
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    Im completely against changing the current setup regarding the choice of buttons on the bottom. Of course, suggestions are/should be welcomed, but not personal preference alterations like removing the "reply to all" button.
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    Well, um, I guess I'll have to create the ChatterEmail Interface Design Tool, and then everyone can have his (or her) own interface!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Well, um, I guess I'll have to create the ChatterEmail Interface Design Tool, and then everyone can have his (or her) own interface!

    I'm not sure if this was serious or not, but I agree! I wish more developers created a customization feature where the layout and features could be specified by the user. There has to be some limitations, of course... but, there's a lot of potential flexibility in how to interface with an app. I think ZLauncher is probably one of the most effective and stable examples of software that provides this kind of UI functionality. Perhaps modifying appearance preferences with ZLauncher-esque flavor could address the needs and desires of an even wider user base?
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    I'm a zlauncher user, and I almost hate to use it every day because of how bloated it is. More customization = more options. More options = more bloat.
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