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    I have a Treo 270 and just bought a 650. I'm sure that most of the software I have on the 270 will not function properly on the 650, but I do need to carry over all my contacts. How can I hotsync or otherwise move the contacts w/o the rest of the software? I don't want to strip the software off my 270 though.
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    Just beam it over, you can go catagory by catagory or just beam all.

    As an alternative, you could export them from the palm desktop of the 270 then re-import them into the new version of Palm desktop installed with the 650.

    Either way will work and both are better than trying to "upgrade" using the default palm conduits.
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    I beamed all my contacts over....but if you do that, make sure you have your categories set up BEFORE beaming so you can move them directly in category by category.....

    ....otherwise you will be reassigning all of them to new categories
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    Why not do the 1st HotSync the way Palm suggests--HotSync yout T270 and make a copy of your T270 backup folder and then move/rename it. Then do the 1st HotSync with your T650 which will only sync your PIM data (contacts, calendar, memos, tasks). Now install clean apps one at a time and test. Worked for me.
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    That would be the best way to do it!
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    Yup, the software that came with the T650 worked just fine to transfer PIM info from the 270 directly to the T650. But you MUST follow the instructions on the P1 KM site: Solution ID: 14403, "Installing the Treo 650 software" section. Now let's hope that my second T650 will quit resetting. -TG

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