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    I've been looking at the Seidio 2in1 hybrid headphone/headset ($35) vs the PalmOne hybird one ($29). Seidio allows you to hear incoming calls through the headphone while you are listening to music. Can the PalmOne hybrid headphone do that too?

    Tell us your experience with either of them or both

    Any better hybird ones better than the two above at a reasonable price?

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    I just got the Seido one. It works OK. Im a bit spoiled with my iPod and the great sound coming from it that I was a little dissapointed with the Treo MP3 sound, but it is very convenient to listen to MP3s and answer the call with the same headphone.
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    In the Treo 650 manual I downloaded, it says you can't play mp3s over a Bluetooth headset. Is this true, and if so, is there any workaround? It'd be really cool if you could. Thanks!
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    MP3's over a bluetooth headset are bound to drain both batteries pretty quickly. I don't think I'd want to go that route.

    As for wired headsets, I've got the Seidio $29.99 ones, and I'm pretty disappointed with them. They are fine for phone use, but for music they're pretty awful. They seem to roll off very steeply below about 200Hz, maybe even 300Hz. There's just no low end at all. If anyone has a recommendation for a set that actually sound decent, let us know. I'm pretty sure I'll be returning these.

    As for the Treo's sound quality, I ran it through my Sony studio phones and it sounded great - every bit as good as an iPod.
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    Bluetooth on the 650 does not work work for STEREO transmissions. There are only a couple of units available, more headphones then headsets, I don't think you can use them for phone as well.

    I have the Seido combo unit, and the phone side is tinny (so others tell me), and the headset for music is only average.

    When you find a great quality set, whatever the price, let me know!

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    I have this: EarBuds

    Combind with this: Adapter

    This is the best combination in my opinion, the earphones are the best I've had, mainly because of the clearity and the bass, I've never had better sounding headphones.

    The best thing is you can still answer calls and they come in via stereo on the headphones, you just have to talk into the phone like a walkie-talkie
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    Funny, i actually have the a headphone that looked exactly like the EarBuds 2 years ago that I now still use with the standalone MP3 player. They indeed sounds wonderful.

    I am trying to avoid the using the adapter but sounds like I might give it a try.
    So SoufSidah09, so do you actually hear incoming calls directly through the headphone while music is playing?

    Does anyone think i should even try the PalmOne headphones?

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    I have the pa1mOne headphones. They sound better than I expected, and dirt cheap from Dan's. Pocket Tunes Deluxe has an equalizer built in as well.

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    I bought the palmone headphones from Dan's cellular on ebay as well. Great price and quality.As for Seidio, i'm not impressed with any of the their product line. I purchased some accessories for my Treo 600 and was very unhappy with the quality control and their customer support. They lost me as a customer.
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    Me too. I am returning my seidos to TC. Too tinny. Do the palmone headphones produce good bass on MP3s? I am comparing them to my iPod headphones which are excellent. I may buy the adapter and use those, giving up on the hybrid concept.
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    I bought the Seidio headphone/earphone 2-in-1 adaptor without the headset. That works great because I can use whatever headphones I want with them. It is like this one, but without the retractable cord. Actually, the cord is pretty short, so it works well for me:

    To make things work even better, I took one pair of headphones I use a lot and replaced its cord with an ultra short one. It is only a couple of inches long (one inch and then the 1/8" stereo connector). This puts the Seidio microphone up close to my mouth when I plug it in. Here is a picture:

    That makes it so I don't have to wind up the cord for the headphones up and figure out where to stick all of that.

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    noisygecko, how did you go about replacing the cord on your headphones to make it shorter? Was it a modular cord, or did you have to splice/solder/tape? I'd love a quality headphones to use with the Seidio adaptor, but also want the headphone cord to be as short as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninodelsol
    noisygecko, how did you go about replacing the cord on your headphones to make it shorter? Was it a modular cord, or did you have to splice/solder/tape? I'd love a quality headphones to use with the Seidio adaptor, but also want the headphone cord to be as short as possible.
    Solder and wire strippers. I have some cheap Philips headphones which go behind the head, and they were pretty easy to open up. So I just took another headphone plug which had a straight end to it, cut it to the right length and soldered it in place of the one that was there.

    Finding a straight headphone plug male tip is not easy since almost all headphones use bent ones to avoid breaking and sticking out. I had to use an headphone extension from Radio Shack. And most extensions have larger cords which make it harder to put into the same holes as the headphones had origianlly.

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    Thanks for the response. I'll have to try something like that. I'm all into customizing things, so this will make for a nice little project
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    If you like behind the neck headphones, I recommend the Phillips ones like I have. They are decent quality, but mainly they withstand working out at the gym pretty well. I can't wear in-the-ear ones because they get sweaty and quit working. And some Sony behind the ear ones quit working after a few months. The Philips ones were only $15, I believe, which is a pretty good price for something that actually works.

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    "Working out"? Oh that's right, exercise. Haven't done that for like 6 months but getting back into it next week, so I'll keep the backphones idea in mind (I'm usually an earbud user).
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    Great idea of shortening the headphone cord that plugs into the adapter.
    I'm thinking of doing the same thing but before I potential destroy a perfectly good set of Sony backphones (with volume control), I noticed that there are 3 wires connecting the existing headphone wire/cable to the headset?!?
    Is the 3rd wire for the volume control? If I use a different wire/cable with a straight plug that only has 2 wires will it still work? Could someone give me a quick lesson on headphones and the wires that connect them?
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    The only problem I have had with my setup is that the plug on the Seidio adapter has gotten corrosion, and doesn't work very well now. I think that may be partially due to getting sweat in the plug while I work out at the gym. Now I am thinking of hard wiring the whole thing together so that the sound comes out right.

    My Treo 600 just uses 3 wires (including ground).

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    So the 3rd wire is probably a ground?
    Do you know how the volume control plays into the whole thing?

    I also tried plugging into the treo the potential new wire/cable (via adapter) and just make contact with the existing wires that are still connected to the one side of the headphones but I get no sound. Is this because the original wire/cable is still attached and therefore a the curcuit is not complete?
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    Stereo headphones require 3 wires for the 2 channels of audio sound. A volume control for a headphone is basically a variable resistor added in line to the signal coming from the headphone.

    Here is a diagram of volume control for one channel of the sound:

      One channel of sound
                        * variable resistor
       Treo             *<--------------------- signal
                        *                     headphone speaker
           -------------|---------------------- ground
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