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    Probably asked before, but I can't find it. Do these 2 programs overlap, meaning, do they have some of the same features? I currently am on a trial with TreoGuard, and before I buy it, I want to make sure I am not missing anything with Butler. The only thing I really like about Butler from what I can see is that I can turn off that LED light, and I can have it flash when a voicemail comes through (something that doesn't happen with the Treo 650 on it's own, which is silly). Thanks.
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    Yes, there is a little overlap, primarily in keeping some keys from auto answering the phone. Other than that, they really are different apps. The most useful features of Butler, to me, are the alerts (keep notifying me every 2 minutes that I missed a call or have a voicemail), and the KeyLaunch, which lets me access my favorites list from anywhere, not just the phone app.
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