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    Been hot syncing fine for two months. This morning it would fail when it got to calendar. here is the log and the ##377 message

    ##377 message:

    Line:3522, block runs

    Hotsync Log:

    HotSync operation started for Treo_650 on 02/22/05 18:55:07

    OK Quick Install
    OK Adobe Reader
    OK VersaMail
    OK Media
    Outlook Calendar
    The connection with the handheld was lost.
    The connection with the handheld was lost.
    - HH overwrite Desktop Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    Outlook Tasks
    Outlook Notes
    Conduit 'HotSync Exchange' Error: Unknown error. (65535)
    HotSync Error: Unknown error. (FFFF)

    HotSync operation completed on 02/22/05 18:56:03
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    There seems to be a corrupt entry in your calendar somewhere. You can try running dBScan, a calendar scanning utility included with the trial version of DateBk5. It will scan your palm to see if there are bad entries. If there are, it will fix them, and you will need to resync and have the palm overwrite the PC. Download it here

    [Fixed the link ... thanks Silverado]
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    Connection was lost messages for me usually meant that the cable was not securely connected. Is it possible that's the case for you?

    Otherwise, someone recently posted a reference to a utility called dbScan which is published by the developers of DatBk5 which can be obtained here. It is supposed to help you delete corrupt caledar records. Why don't you try to give it a try and see what happens. After you use it, you're supposed to set your hotsync "device overrides desktop" for the single following hotsync operation.

    Good luck.
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    I just used the dbScan app and it found an entry for 2/12/95 that was blank.. Anyone else find this?

    I've found if I make too many changes between syncs my 650 likes to reset in the middle of syncing. I have noticed it does this on the calendar sometimes so that's why I tried dbScan. At first I was thinking it wasn't liking the apps I was installing but once the apps were installed, the resets stopped. I sync on my work and home computers though and even though I was getting quick, reset-free syncs at work the syncs were taking forever and causing multiple resets once I got home. Once I got a complete sync though, if I tried syncing again it was quick and reset-free. Any one else notice this?
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    I just had the same problem. I found that it would soft reset when it came to the HH calendar portion of a sync with outlook. I got rid of it by having the desktop overwrite the HH on my next sync. The offending entry on my HH went away and life is good again. I wish that this thing (treo 650) didn't seem as much like a science fair project that has gone terribly awry as it does sometimes.
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    I have had this problem a couple of times. I've been able to solve it by sorting my calendar entries in Outlook by date and then deleting all the old entries. Somehow an old calendar entry became corrupted. Rather than bothering to look for it, I just deleted all my old entries. I was fortunate in that it solved the problem.

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