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    In pocket quicken, you can do splits between categories, but cannot split a transaction between a category and another account - (i.e. writing a $32 check for $22 worth of groceries and getting $10 in cash).

    Anyone have suggestions for working around this? I would rather not enter two transactions as it would be painful to reconcile a single bank transaction against two quicken transactions.


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    OK, I'm probably way off base because I don't use Quicken, but in MS Money, the way you would do a transaction like that is to assign $22 to groceries and transfer $10 to a special category called "Transfer to:Cash account". Special categories allow you to transfer funds between any 2 accounts.

    Not sure if Quicken works this way, or if it does and it's just not supported in the pocket version.
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    bregent -- Quicken works nearly the same way, but you create an "Asset" account called whatever you like. (Mine happens to be called "Cash on Hand".)

    The problem is that Quicken on the desktop allows you to do this type of transaction more or less as you describe.

    PocketQuicken does not allow you to put an "asset" account in a split transaction, only an "expense" category.
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    basco --

    what i do is simply attribute the "cash" part of the transaction to what i intend to spend it for, e.g. auto gas/maintenance, eating out, recreation, etc.

    i almost never use cash for anything related to my taxes, but on those few occasions when i have, i've just edited the split in desktop quicken after it went in from my visor.

    hope this helps.

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    Randy - Good ideah. Sounds like that is the way to handle the problem until Landware fixes it. Their support folks told this bug will be fixed when the next version comes out (late 2000).

    Another thought - I could set up a new category for cash transfers. Assign the cash split to the cash transfer category and then do a second transaction to deposit from the cash transfer category to the actual cash account. Messy....... but would reconciling the bank account would work and I could still accurately track the cash flow.

    Lambda Fox has a cleaner method, but we are trying to track things pretty close for a few months to establish a realistic budget. It is too easy for me to bury those minor purchases.


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