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    Ive sent Marc a few logs regarding this issue however I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.

    Im using a treo 650 with Tmobile's Tzones unlimited plan but cannot seem to send out photo attachments successfully. Everytime I send out an email with a photo attachment the progress indicator stops at a certain percentage and then starts the delivery over again. This activity continues over and over again until im forced to delete the email from the outbox. Rarely have I successfully sent out an email with a photo attachment.

    The fact that only a small percentage of attempts are successful leads me to believe that this is not a software related problem with Chatter but something dealing with my mobile service. Any ideas?
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    I wonder whether the T-Zones connection is slower or in some other way different from the T-Mobile Internet. Otherwise, what's the difference?

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    The connection is definately not slower with Tzones. The only difference is that certain ports for data and email are closed with Tzones as opposed to Tmobile internet. Also as you said earlier, there might be a bandwith limitation to Tzones. Im going to call CS to check on this. Has the code I sent revealed any problems?
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    No, it's just timing out (i.e. not getting a response back from the SMTP server).

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    Just out of curiosity I set-up a new smtp account with my Tmobile "myemail" mailbox (which is configured to recieve mail from my Gmail accounts) and now I can successfully send out photo attachments. The only difference I know of between the Tmobile smtp server and Gmails is that Tmobile requires no authentication.

    Also, just for future reference, I called Tmobile today and the PDA tech support told me that the Tzones plan definately has something to do with me not being able to successfully send out photo attachments. He promised me that if I switched to the unlimited internet plan I would have a 100% success rate in sending out attachments.
    Maybe this Tmobile "myemail" configuration is a workaround?

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