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    I'd like to use Palm Desktop for everything EXCEPT calendar -- which I'd like to synch with Outlook. This was possible with Goodlink (through a workaround) but now I am just using Palm Software that comes with the Treo 650 (Pocket Mirror?).

    It makes me choose either Palm or Outlook. Any way around this?
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    Okay thanks -- but is it actually Pocket Mirror that is included with the Treo 650? I can't seem to find the path to Pocket Mirror and SwitchSynch needs it.

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    Treo 650 doesn not come with PocketMirror. It comes with Outlook conduits written by Palm.

    I sync with Outlook (calendar only) at work and Palm Desktop at home.

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    That's a good solution but unfortunately I only have one laptop that I use for everything...

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