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    Hi all, just wondering if anyone purchased from and how are their CS and shipping practices.

    Looks like TC no longer sells this product as it may be possibly be out of stock.

    Looking at probably buying it here.
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    I've used (Aussie version), and later returned what I had purchased with the expectation of an exchange... and when the desired product was delayed, I asked for a refund and got it.
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    I thought about buying from expansys for a couple items, but either found it on an eBay store or other website.

    Wouldn't shipping be more?

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    I'll share one of my top seceret sites..

    I use this site ALL the time, and normaly if a site is not listed here I won't buy from them. If you look treostore is not on there..... We need to register the store so we can rate it.

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