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    Hey! Just sitting here, pining for a cradle for my Treo 650, checked at PalmOne,a and the entry allowed me to buy it! Just entered my order now - wish I could figure out how to post an image...I even took a screen shot to prove it to myself :-)

    Anyway, they are definitely allowing you to "buy" Treo 650 Cradle kits as of 3:30 PM eastern time on 2/22. Hope it isn't a "glitch".

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    Ahh, it was too good to be true. Just got the following email from our friends at PalmOne:

    Dear Christopher Gibson:

    Thank you for shopping with palmOne Sales, your business is important to us. We received your order 050222-xxxxxx, which included backordered or advanced sale items that are unavailable for immediate shipment. Once the product is available for processing, you will receive a new order confirmation email. The following item(s) will be shipped when it is in stock.

    Item: 1744270
    Description: PALM Treo 650 Cradle Kit
    Quantity: 1 @ $ 59.99

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