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    I just ordered treo 650 cradle kit, and got an e-mail from palmone with my order #. When I tried ordering when I got my treo 650 a few weeks ago, it just said coming soon, now I was able to order it .Just wanted to let everyone know, it looks like the cradles are ready.
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    here's a copy of my email, I needed overnight shipment,lol.

    Product Description Unit Cost Qty Subtotal Tax Total Status
    Cradle Kit for Treo 650 $59.99 1 $59.99 $0.00 $59.99 Order Received

    Order Subtotal:
    Tax: $0.00 +
    Shipping: $14.50 +

    Order Total: $74.49
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccrnj80
    I just ordered treo 650 cradle kit
    You, me, and about a zillion other people!
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