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    You all might know about this but seemed kind of cool- this is an excerpt from a column at :

    Handwriting Recognition Already Available

    Speaking of InkWell, as I just was, it will reportedly be based on Apple's discontinued Newton software, and allow users to input data using a pen type stylus on a pressure sensitive tablet. In addition tor text input, Inkwell will also support Desktop navigation and Web browsing.

    InkWell is expected to be introduced alongside Mac OS X, probably at MacWorld Expo SF in January 2001; and there may even be a version to support Mac OS 9.

    Meanwhile, Adam Tow's WriteHere Suite already provides somewhat similar functionality by allowing you to use your Palm organizer or Newton MessagePad PDA as a handwriting recognition (HWR) engine for your Mac or PowerBook. You just connect your PDA to the computer's serial port and launch the WriteHere Server software to support handwriting recognition in all of your applications.

    In addition to HWR, WriteHere also allows you to send keyboard commands to control your computer from your PDA, and to use it as a gaming console in "Game Mode."

    WriteHere sells for $19.95

    For more information, visit:
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    I don't get it...what's the point of handwriting recognition for your keyboard-enabled computer?

    Make it for the Palm OS and maybe it'd be an interesting product...

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