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    Sometimes when my 650 rings, it has already been "answered" by the time I get it out of the case, apparently because the tight-fitting case ("Nutshell" brand) has pushed some buttons on the way out. This is the situation that Keyguard was designed to prevent, but Keyguard isn't active on a ringing phone.
    Is there some setting that will prevent this?
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    I got TreoGuard too. It works
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    keepOff works well for me and it's FREE!
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    Treoguard looks perfect. I will install it tonight. Thanks!
    PS: To save others a lookup, it's at
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    go to prefs / keyguard and check the box that says "Disable touchscreen when incoming call received"

    takes a little while to get used to, but it's free !!!
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    Pabo, it's not the touchscreen that's causing the problem; it's the physical buttons. I installed Treoguard, which seems to have solved the problem.

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