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    GoodLink 4.0 is available for download at
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    Got the goodlink 4.0 installed and running. Its fantastic.

    The OTA is amazing and works really well. I've got goodlink users all over the country so having them able to provision themselves is a beautiful thing.

    I'm using the Treo 650 so 4.0 finally adds high res icons across the board.
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    That is great!!! Glad you like the upgrade!
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    Loaded v4 last night and I must say, it's really nice! I'm a first time GoodLink user, actually one of a few piloting it for my company, and I'm impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    GoodLink 4.0 is available for download at
    Thanks for the update. Would someone be so kind as to explain the changes in the upgrade. I have just looked through a ton of docs on the good website to no avail. I am using 3.7 on a Treo 600.

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    For the end-user, you will see nothing different re: the interface except on the GoodLink Preferences screen there will be a couple of new options. The biggest plus to the upgrade is

    1) Over-the-air provisioning and updates. Complete cradleless install and third-party application deployment

    2) Global Connect, which allows connection to any carrier in the world offers worldwide coverage for GoodLink users on any carrier in the world, enhancing the ability of enterprises to support their people wherever they are. Global Connect provides connectivity through any GPRS or CDMA carrier, in any country, around the globe for true international support. Secure Global Connect supports multi-national companies and world travelers with wireless access to essential corporate data by assuring connectivity at minimum cost

    3) Support for Hosted Exchange

    As you can see, the upgrade was more driven towards the IT side of the house. As for end-user features in future upgrades, I haven't seen a roadmap of "guaranteed" additions, but there are several (many requested here) that are in the pipeline.

    The other thing as it relates to the 650 is high-res icons.

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