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    using an unlocked GSM T650...
    do i really need to be running the docs to go tech tool if i have powerrun? for some reason i assumed that the tech tool would move d2g more cleanly to my SD card because it was designed specifically for that software. don't need to have tech tools on there if powerrun is just as clean, though d2g runs MUCH faster through dataviz's provided tech tool.

    odd issue with both:
    techtool says i have 14.7MB free
    powerrun says i have 14.5MB free

    maybe just because the different apps are using different amounts of memory to run, though?
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    TechTool is the way to move Docs to Go since it needs to sync with Docs to Go PC/Mac application. Once you've done the move you can delete tech tool.
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    I used Techtool to move D2g to my card and it runs much faster than using Powerrun. But to save even more space, I used Powerrun to transfer the rest of D2g that was left in RAM.

    Another thought...if Techtool can move a huge file like D2g to the SD card and still execute pretty fast, can techtool then be hacked to do the same with other apps? I guess I'll need to create a new post.

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