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    What is your versamail setup so that when you send a message it automatically goes into your pre-defined Sent Messages IMAP folder?

    I can't make it work, I have to play around with the automatically bcc: myself and then when I make it to my desktop, I copy over the message to the Sent Messages folder.
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    Two thoughts:
    - You can also add a filter to your desktop (or server if you have access to procmail or other servire side filtering) to file the BBC'd messages to your Sent folder automatically.
    - Use ChatterEmail which easily supports what you want.
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    I'll have to try ChatterEmail at some point. For now, I'm still trying to recover from my initial Treo 650 investment :-)

    I also realize that I can move to Sent Messages the email bcc:'d to me from the handheld and this will do the trick, no need to do this from the desktop.

    Thanks for the response.

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