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    I have looked everywhere to try and get my phone button to go back to the phone application.... when I press it now it goes to Datebook5.... Anyone know how to get it back to the phone? If I goto Preferences Buttons, it shows Phone in there... Help....
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    use this to reset the phone button back.. this is a common prob w/ datebk5
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    Beautiful... Thanks
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    BTW, it is mentioned in the readme for DateBK5. I ran into this myself.
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    Thanks... I read the readme and didn't see it... was going through it quickly... but thanks for the help!
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    Thanks for the post and the replies. I was going nuts trying to figure it out.
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    I too missed it the first time through. I didn't discover it until I had signed up for and read through messages on the Datebk5 Yahoo Group, at which point I smacked myself silly.

    Note that once you have installed the reset application and run it once, you can delete it.
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    I had the same problem and was going crazy. Life is good again. Thank you.
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    Just to make it complete (and searchable): This fix also works for KeyContacts

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