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    We recently got a treo 650 to replace the 600 (which replaced a sony clie). We have had problems with the device once it syncs the data, several times it went into reset mode and we had to do hard resets.

    We are using a Mac and OS 10.3.7 isync too.

    We have gotten it to sync both USB and Bluetooth and sometimes it will work for a while but it has gone back to the gray palm screen without syncing again.

    We have removed all software from the backup folder but there are still issues. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? Could it be hardware? Are there any known bad 650 Apps? Is it some software or data being loaded? Any thoughts are appreciated.

    We are now going to try one sync and then back up to an SD card, can anyone recommend a good backup software?

    Also does the express mail app work with AOL?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure if the problem is on the Treo or on the Mac. If you think it's the Mac, I'd believe it because the HotSync software is so notoriously unstable.

    I've had very good luck on my G5 using Mark/Space's MissingSync software. It's $40 very well spent. I've found that it much faster (particularly when syncing Vindigo, if you use that) and MUCH more stable than Palm's HotSync software. The AvantGo conduit is very nice too.

    You should be able to use any of the IMAP-enabled mail apps out there to get your AOL mail. More information at:
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    backup software, I use BackupBuddyVFS.

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    I think it is the treo, not the mac because it was fine with the 600. I've been reading many posts here about resetting and looping Cingular 650's. I will try a few different options I've read about on the boards here to get it to work but it does seem some people have had success by replacing their treo 650 with a new model.
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    you experience sounds like mine - except for the mac.

    I did an "upgrade" install and it was a nightmare. As a last resort - I actually considered returning the Treo - I backed up my BAK folder, deleted the palm desktop and folders and did a "clean" install - moved my apps back over one at a time - PERFECT....

    no resets, no memory issues, nothing

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